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Model No.: 
CM30 / CM60 / CM120

Fire protection performance:
Base material grade A; cloth grade B / C processable flame retardant.

Product features:
Patented easily mounting solution; Zero formaldehyde emission meets International EO standard. This new design functions much better than the older type by the more precise frame, Eco-friendly, flame retardant and moisture proofing. M-softpack solves the older type whose sound absorbing function is sacrificed at least 10% because of the resin solidified frame.

Conference rooms, recording rooms, studios, multi-functional halls, and large auditoriums to control the reverberation time.

Refer to acoustic design

Base Material:
80kg/m³ high structure micropore yellow fiber glass wool

Light high-strength metal frame

Acoustic cloth (Grade A/B/C); Can be made Imagine Spray Painting

Right angle