Acoustic Solutions for modern office workplaces

Modern open offices focus mainly on space flexibility to boost team collaboration but often neglect the need for a comfortable and distraction-free environment. Speech privacy achieved through effective acoustic design helps improve your work environment. Open spaces are noisy. Between 25 and 30% of employees are dissatisfied with the acoustics in their workplace. Human speech is the biggest source of noise and distraction in the office. However, the acoustics of an open-office also plays a vital role.

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Polyester Fiber

Kingkus polyester fiber acoustic felt is 100% made by polyester fiber. Fiber’s unique, tough structure andsoft appearance means that most continue to view
polyester fiber felt as an intriguing material of shockproof, dust proof, seals liner, warm-keeping, sound proofing, bags and suitcases, shoes, hats, garments, decoration pendant, also for decorations packing.

Product Specifications

Product Type Polyester Fiber
Acoustic Felt
Material 100% polyester fiber.

Thickness Imm 2mm 3mm
Density 200g/sqm 400g/sqm 600g/sqm
Size 1.05*100m 1.05*100m 1.05*50m

Color 40 colors

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Ginkgo biloba 3D polyester acoustic panel

Kingkus 3D Ginkgo is an attractive sound-absorbing

solution that combines Ginkgo biloba green and yellow beauty with the product.

Sound-absorbing acoustic panels in hot-pressed,100% polyester, form panel in 35 kinds of colours.

Ginkgo is mounted on the wall. You can use different colors, different perspectives, the perfect world mosaic. Natural Beauty, Kingkus creating

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Wooden Sound diffuser

The Product has good sound diffusion effect and greatly improves the reverberation time. the acoustic characteristics have reached the national standard for material same kind . effectively improving the fullness , articulation and stereoscopic impression of the environmental sound.

Scope Of Application

Wall-mounted High places Like music halls and home theaters and places requiring sound quality and articulation.

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Acoustic Decorative Lights

LED pendant provides excellent atmospheric light and helps you to create both productive and pleasant environments at the office or any other place where you need a sound-absorbing element.‎ Stylish pendant with something extra in its design.‎ Basic colors are white, light grey, dark grey and black

Illuminate your ceiling with Acoustic

Appropriate use of light creates safety and wellbeing and enhances our ability to perform.‎ With our acoustic ceilings we combined best performing acoustic products with cutting edge lighting technologies.

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Acoustic furniture privacy Screen

Acoustical desks dividers absorb up to 85% of sound in open spaces. Blocking noise and creating an acoustic balance has been proven to be effective in increasing productivity. A cost-effective privacy and separator solution for office, call center and study carrel for student testing, students classroom and libraries.

Application Of Acoustic Screen

Installs in the face-to-face position on Series Double Desks

Included Series Face-to-Face Clips simply install between desktops

Features a pinnable surface for family photos, inspiration, and to-do’s

The material and faceted surface offer sound-dampening qualities

Mix panels of varying lengths on the desk run to create customized space division

Only compatible with Series Desks

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Custom Wall Decorative Panels

Acoustical Wall Graphics allow the designer, architect or interior finish professional to create a scene that can set the mood or environment of any facility. We have a team of skilled digital technicians who will take our custom artwork and recreate it on acoustic art panels and wall coverings. Anything from a lake or mountain view to a piece of custom artwork, photo or logo can turn a plain blank wall into a breathtaking visual experience

Change your walls

Large acoustical wall panels will help keep the conversations going for your guests at large events. With the proper use of acoustical wall panels the sound will be moderated to help events go smoothly.

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Fabric Acoustic Panel

Main Features : Easily Mounting Solution, Zero formaldehyde emission meets international E0 Standard, this new designs functions much better than the older type by the more precise frame, eco friendly , frame retardant and moisture proofing.

Scope Of Application

Conference rooms, recording rooms, multi-function rooms, and large auditorium rooms


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