Medium Back Chair

  • Headrest height adjustment range :0-45mm
  • Armrest adjustment range:0-85mm
  • Chair base adjustment range:0-100mm
  • Backrest tilt angle, self -loaded four-position locking
  • Armrest left-right adjustment range:0-32

Imported Fabric with Powerful  Support

The butterfly wings are covered with nervousness, which act as a solid skeleton that allows the butterfly to dance free of gravity. The Butterfly chair adopts this natural beauty as well as its practicability. The Y shaped chair backrest gives reliable support to you back and waist. The elastic and breathable Wintex fabric  imported from Korea is embedded into the back wings that are directly expended from the backrest and are mounted on a Y shape bracket, vivid as a butterfly spreading its wings. 8 hour company gives you leisure mood in work.


Butterfly is a chair with bionic design elements integrated. Like a butterfly that emerges from its cocoon and embraces the sky, it presents a feeling of hope and courage, motivated us to brave the waves and face up to challenges.