Highback Medical Chair

Greyish white backrest frame with left and right swing function,

greyish-white armrest(height adjustable+rotation function),

STG automatically tension control system with Four-Position

locking function, greyish white nylon base with greyish white PU castor.
The back of the chair can rotate 10 degrees to the left and right



Aveza, Crafted by the cutting – edge German Design

Studio FORM AND BORN, Is Inspired by the wings of a flying bird.

It is a chair that swings with you flexibly while keeps its own balance

Helping you break out of sedentary work Style and adding more dynamic

for the office elites at work


Move Freely     Work Happily

V-shaped Backrest does everything for your back comfort

A Suitable office chair is your warm \company in the nine to five working life.

whose wide arms are indispensable along your career path the V shaped back

support perfectly fits your back like a stretched wing and  eases your lumbar

and back like tender hands . The ergonomic design of the backrest allows

easy adjustment according tou your sitting position. the slight change to your

back brings totally new level of confort